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What You Should Know About Car Frame Straightening

Posted on 23 July 2019 by (0)

Collisions are generally scary. A collision can leave your car with more damage than dents on the surface. Common damage caused by collision is frame misalignment. When damaged, the frame can cause long-term structural and performance issues with the car. For instance, a car frame that is bent out of its shape can affect the drivability and sturdiness of a car.

Fortunately, it’s possible to have the frame straightened by experts. There are professional auto body repair shops that fix such damage on auto bodies. It’s important to note that not everybody can straighten a misaligned car frame because it requires the use of hydraulic tools. Some independent workshops and garages do not have the necessary equipment to straighten a misaligned car frame. Therefore, choose a reputable auto body shop with the right tools and experts to get quality results.

How It Is Done

The frame of your car can be affected negatively when your car is involved in an accident while driving at any speed. Sometimes, the damage is not easy to suspect or notice. However, professional auto body repair experts can look at your car and tell whether the frame is misaligned. They also use modern, computerized equipment to assess the damage on the car frame. In some cases, the frame looks in proper shape after collision. However, the structure can still have weakened. Some frames have crumple zones. These are weak points that give way in the event of a collision and protect occupants.

Experienced auto body repair experts can restore the damaged car frame after an accident through a process called frame cutting. This is a process of cutting out the metal frame, welding it, and finishing with replacement of the damaged pieces. This is a great method of enhancing durability and safety of the frame.

The Bottom Line

There are several ways of repairing a damaged car frame. However, you should not attempt to repair a damaged frame yourself or drive a car with a damaged frame after a collision. A car frame serves more than an aesthetic purpose. It’s crucial for the functionality and purpose of your car. Therefore, make sure that your damaged car frame is straightened by qualified technicians at a reputable auto body repair shop.