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Ways You Might be Destroying Your Vehicle

Posted on 30 November 2019 by (0)

You want your vehicle to last long and serve you better. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to take care of their vehicles. They only clean their vehicles and think of other ways of taking care of them when they break down. Cleaning a car is important because it keeps it looking great longer. It prevents paint job damage by elements of weather. Thus, you drive your vehicle longer without going to an auto body repair shop for a paint job. But, there are ways you could be destroying your vehicle. Here are some of them. 

Not Allowing Your Vehicle Time to Warm Up 

Most small vehicle owners are guilty of this mistake. After starting your car, you should allow it to warm up before you jam it into gear and then take off. Not allowing your vehicle time to warm up is hard on its engine regardless of the environment. It’s particularly bad for vehicles in cold climates. That’s because the engine is not lubricated properly during a cold season. What’s more, some parts of the engine should operate within a certain range of temperatures. Therefore, you stress some parts of your vehicle when you start it and drive off. 

Using the Wrong Oil for the Engine 

There are different types of engine oil. Their variation is largely attributed to oil thickness, also called, viscosity. It’s, therefore, important to adhere to the specifications of the manufacturer of your vehicle when changing the engine oil. You can find this information on the owner’s manual or the website of your vehicle’s manufacturer. 

Using Water in the Radiator Instead of Coolant 

Water may be cheaper and readily available than coolant. As such, you can be tempted to add plain water into the radiator of your vehicle instead of coolant. But, the manufacturer of your vehicle recommends that you add coolant. That’s because untreated water approaches the boiling point faster and this can lead to overheating and blowing of the radiator. What’s more, water can freeze during winter. This can lead to an expansion that can lead to major issues like engine block cracking. Therefore, if you can’t afford coolant only, mix the little you can get with water. 

If you avoid these mistakes, you might drive your vehicle for a long time without visiting an auto repair shop. However, talk to your mechanic about the best ways to keep your vehicle on top condition.