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Signs You Should Visit an Auto Body Shop

Posted on 29 August 2022 by (0)

Paint scratches and dents are usually very easy to spot on cars since they mainly occur on surfaces. However, some damages also affect vehicle sections you may not readily identify. Nevertheless, all kinds of auto body damage require timely assessment and proper repair to maintain the car’s integrity and overall appearance. Here are the common signs that a vehicle should visit an auto body shop. 


Dents can occur in the form of tiny bumps or vast craters. Deep and severe marks may need replacing for safety. However, a technician will assess the severity of impact and recommend conventional or paintless dent repair. The most common technique for dent repair includes using a dent puller, dolly, hammer, or stud welder. 

Suspension Damage 

Suspension damage often results from driving on potholes and poor road conditions. Severe suspension damage may require replacing the shock absorbers and ball joints. However, wheel realignment may be enough in less-severe cases. 


A professional can easily buff out minor scratches on the surfaces. However, deep and more extensive scratches require filler and fresh paintwork to seal the depressions. Thanks to modern technology, an experienced auto body shop technician can deliver the perfect match for your car’s paint with a seamless finish. 

Cracked Windshield 

Windshield damage often starts with small chips and cracks that could quickly escalate if you do not fix them immediately. A technician can inject resin on more minor chips to prevent them from spreading and restore the windshield’s strength. However, severe windshield damage will need replacing entirely. 

Bumper Damage 

Bumper damage may occur on the front or rear bumpers and require auto body repair. Cracks usually require a body filler and paintwork, but some may need dent repair techniques. Replacement is only necessary if the damage is beyond repair. 

Even the tiny overlooked scratches dents could have severe impacts on your car. Visiting an auto body professional to assess the vehicle frequently can help you maintain it in proper condition over time.