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New Year’s Auto Body Checklist

Posted on 25 September 2018 by (0)

New Year’s Auto Body Checklist

At the beginning of every year, vehicle owners want to ensure that their vehicles are in top shape. Basically, you don’t have to drive your vehicle to an auto body shop only after an accident. It’s important that you have the body of your vehicle inspected and repaired every year.

Failing to have the bodywork of your vehicle checked every year can lead to decay and rust. These will decrease the performance and lifespan of your vehicle. Essentially, there are things that should be checked every year to ensure that a vehicle’s body is in proper shape.

Minor Accident Damage

Some accidents may seem minor. However, they may have left your vehicle with body damage. Don’t forget that even a minor fender bender or even a run-in with the wall of the garage can cause serious damage. It is important to have such damage inspected by an expert to determine if it can lead to other problems.

Winter Driving

Reputable auto body shops receive many vehicles every year with negative signs of winter driving. When you visit friends and family members that live in places with wintery climates, your vehicle will also be exposed to salt on the road. Effects of salt on unprotected cars are clearly visible.


Generally, rust on an auto body is unsightly. It also spread very fast leading to further damage. Bodies of most cars rust along their door frames and around the wheel wells. If you notice rust, take your vehicle to an auto body shop for repair immediately.

Significant Damage

After an accident, you might drive the vehicle safely. However, if parts of your vehicle such as the quarter pane, the hood, or the door can’t be used properly, take your vehicle to an auto body shop.

Basically, these are some of the things that should be inspected at an auto body shop every year. Drive to a reputable shop to have your vehicle inspected and fixed to enhance its performance and longevity.