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How Auto Body Shops Match the Original Car Paint

Posted on 16 January 2023 by (0)

A car’s appearance is one reason some people pick it up at the showroom. Therefore, when your car’s paint sustains damage that necessitates its repair, you want the auto body shop to match its original paint job. So, how do auto body shops match the original car paint? Auto body shops use various tools and techniques to achieve an exact match when painting a car.

The Original Paint

They first consider the type of paint that the carmaker initially used on the car. Different car paints can react to light and age differently in the sun, so they must use the same kind of paint as what is currently on the car.

Supplier’s Database

The shop then uses its suppliers’ databases to get an accurate color match for the original color. They will compare this against any samples taken from existing panels or other parts of the car that may have had less exposure to environmental elements such as sun and rain. If necessary, they can also mix small amounts of different colors until they get a perfect match.

Mixing and Even Application 

Once they have determined the color, the shop will mix it up in a spray gun to apply it evenly and accurately across the car’s surface. The technicians also consider other factors that may be present in the original paint job, such as gloss level, texture, or metallic flakes. With their attention to detail and experience in painting cars, they can produce a replica of your car’s original paint job.

Cleaning and Clear Coat Application

After the new paint is applied, the auto body shop will clean off any residue from sanding and buff out any imperfections to achieve a perfect finish. They will also add a clear coat over the new paint job to protect it from sun damage and give it a glossy, finished look.

By considering all of these factors, an auto body shop can produce an exact match for your car’s original paint job and make it look new again.