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Damages an Auto Body Shop Can Fix

Posted on 03 April 2022 by (0)

Most car owners usually think of accidents as the only reason to visit an auto body shop. However, various elements can impact your car’s bodily damage, including minor dents during parking. Nevertheless, you need an auto body professional to diagnose and fix the defects to maintain your car’s overall appearance and integrity. The following are some of the critical damages an auto body shop can repair. 

Body Dents 

Dents can emerge from hailstones, rocks on the road, stray objects, and even hitting another car when maneuvering the parking lot. Marks usually vary in size, severity, and location, which an auto body professional must first assess to determine the appropriate repair procedures. 

Minor dents that do not go beyond the paintwork are repairable with paintless dent repair. However, cuts that damage the car’s paintwork will require removal and repainting. The best way to fix extensive dents that threaten the car’s integrity is to replace the entire panel. 

Collision Damage 

Collision damages often require more detailed assessment and repair than just popping out dents and repainting the surfaces. Most collision damages are usually severe, with significant impacts on various car parts. You can opt to replace the most affected sections and conduct minor repairs where needed. 

Professional auto body shops can fix significant damages using modern technologies such as bent car frames. However, you should first discuss the details with your mechanic to determine if it would be worth the cost. 

Paint Scratches 

Paint scratches are typical and can result from various elements. While many auto body shops can fix paint scratches, the techniques vary based on the size and extent of the damage. Minor scratches can be buffed out and repainted, but major scratches may need filler and fresh paintwork. 

Many auto body shops can provide the above repair services. However, you need a professional auto body shop to give your car the perfect makeover.