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7 Reasons to Wax a Car

Posted on 22 March 2019 by (0)

You most likely know that waxing a car is a good idea. But, you may not have a reason to wax your vehicle. Well, there are several reasons to wax a car regularly. Here are the 7 major reasons to wax a car.

To Keep Off Airborne Contaminants

Car wax provides protection to the exterior of a vehicle against airborne contaminants like acid rain and bugs. These materials are corrosive and they tend to stick on the paint of a vehicle and eventually ruin its finish. Car waxing creates a protective layer that prevents embedding of airborne contaminants in the car paint.

Maintain a Shiny Appearance

Regular waxing maintains the glossy look of a brand new car. Car wax options like synthetic paint sealants and carnauba wax give a car a glossy shine.

Easy Washing

Many people don’t know that waxing makes washing a car easy. That’s because airborne contaminants are easy to wash away when a car is waxed. In most cases, simple wiping removes the contaminants.

Hard Water Spots Removal

There are hard water spots that seem hard to remove. For instance, elbow grease leaves you frustrated when unable to remove it. However, applying a sealant and wax prevents formation of these spots. These are mainly caused by air impurities and water deposits. They are caused by minerals like calcium, magnesium, and limestone that are found in water. Your car will look spotless when you wax it.

Reduce Refinishing and Repair Costs

Paint chips and scratches won’t be removed by waxing. However, waxing can fill them in. Waxing lessens the appearance of scratches while smoothing them out.

Remove Oxidation

Oxidation removal is another reason to wax your car. Oxidation occurs when a car is exposed to elements for a long time without protection. Cleaning, waxing, and polishing protect auto paint from oxidation and eventual need for costly repair.

Fix Sun Damage

When a car is exposed to sun for a long time, its paintwork becomes faded and dull. Waxing your car livens up its luster. Make sure that you wax parts that are damaged the most by sun. Car wax provides a layer that fixes the damage while providing protection against elements.

If you find car waxing tedious, drive to a reputable auto body shop to have the job done by qualified and experienced professionals.