Important Things to Know Before You Have Your Car Repaired

Posted on 15 October 2018 (0)

It’s no secret that accidents happen when least expected. When an accident happens, it’s important to ensure that your vehicle is repaired as soon as possible, because according to a blogger online over at Glass Dawg, with all this new technology, we need to have experienced and certified techs working on our autos, and most importantly, make sure that your car is repaired by the right experts to ensure that you, passengers, and your vehicle are not in danger. Remember that if your car is not repaired properly, it puts you and other road users at risk. As such, before you choose a collision repair center for your car, there are things that you should know.

They include the following:

Your Car is an Important Investment

Apart from a home, a car is one of the major investments for most people. In fact, buying a car is probably one of the major investments that you are likely to make throughout your lifetime. As such, it’s important that you choose an auto body shop whose technicians know what your car means to you. The shop should focus on helping you preserve your investment with its repairs.

Insurance Companies May Have Requirements

Your auto insurance provider may recommend that you take your car for repair to a specific collision repair shop. However, bear in mind the fact that you have the right to choose the auto body shop to take your car for repair. The law doesn’t make it mandatory for you to take your car for repair at the specific shop suggested by your auto insurance provider.

Auto Body Shops Give Varying Estimates

Just because an auto body repair shop gives you the lowest estimate doesn’t mean it’s the best. Auto body shops give varying estimates all the time. This variation can be due to various factors including the repair materials used. In some case, low estimates may not include all the work required.

Basically, collision repair shops are different. It’s important that you conduct some research before you choose an auto body shop for your car. Make sure that you choose the most qualified experts to repair your car to ensure your safety and protection of your investment.

Why a Car Dent Should Be Repaired Sooner Than Later

Posted on 19 January 2021 (0)

Whether a collision or parking mistake caused a dent in your car, having it repaired is annoying and frustrating. Proper dent repair maintains the amazing look of a car. But, some people ignore car dents. They postpone their repair assuming they are minor aesthetic issues. However, you should have a car dent repaired as quickly as possible. Here’s why. 

A Dent Can Cause Paint Damage 

A dent might seem small. However, it can cause paint fracture or scratch. And, this damage will escalate with time if you don’t have it repaired. Eventually, the clear paint coat will start to peel away or chip. The underneath paint can even flake or come away from the metal body of your car. 

As such, failure to have a car dent removed can leave your vehicle with a bad look. It can also damage the auto body and necessitate costly repairs down the road. This is something you should avoid by having a car dent repaired as soon as possible. 

Paint Damage Can Cause Rusting 

If you don’t have the dent repaired and it ends up damaging the paint job, you will eventually notice rust spots on your vehicle. Once the metallic part of your vehicle is exposed after peeling away from the paint, rusting won’t take long to start. Even a minor crack caused by the dent can let in moisture. Exposure to the weather elements will cause rusting to any metallic part. 

Dent Repair Is Cheap and Less Time-Consuming

The cost of dent repair depends on the location and size of the damage. The location of the dent will also influence the amount you will spend on its repair. The technicians at an auto body shop take a short time to remove a dent. Thus, you will spend less time and money repairing the dent than if you leave it to escalate and necessitate repainting of the entire vehicle.  

In addition to these reasons, dent repair will restore the resale value of your vehicle. Therefore, take your vehicle to vehicle to a reputable auto body shop for dent repair as soon as possible.

Auto Body Shop versus a Mechanic

Posted on 10 September 2020 (0)

A common misconception is that a mechanic can repair every car repair job. That’s because many people assume that a mechanic is qualified to perform any auto repair or even a maintenance job. But, it’s good to go to an auto body shop in some cases instead of a mechanic. Here is what you should know about an auto body shop and a mechanic. 

What an Auto Body Shop Does 

Auto body shops are also called collision centers. These are facilities that perform complete diagnosis and evaluation of the appearance of a vehicle. They also check for mishaps and fix the damages caused by accidents or collisions. Some of the issues that an auto body shop can fix include dents, tire issues, and bumps. 

An auto body shop can also fix major issues like rebuilding a part of your car or repairing technical parts of the vehicle. What’s more, a professional auto body shop can restore the brand new appearance of your vehicle. Thus, your vehicle can look like it has never been involved in an accident after taking it for repair at an auto body shop.

Auto body shops have technicians that use different techniques and tools to fix damaged vehicles. For instance, these experts can use pneumatic tools, pliers, hammers, metal files, metal-cutting guns, and screwdrivers to repair basic and minor damages. They can also use heavy-duty hammers and jacks to repair vehicles. Essentially, they have what it takes to repair any damage on a vehicle. 

What a Mechanic Does 

A mechanic can be a superhero when it comes to diagnosing a vehicle and rescuing you in situations where an auto body shop might not help. A mechanic uses different tools to evaluate the problems of a vehicle and fix them. 

The difference is that a mechanic can be a single person while an auto body shop has many technicians that specialize in different repair and maintenance jobs. What’s more, a mechanic is trained to perform daily repairs, internal analysis, and maintenance on a vehicle. To do this, a mechanic uses different tools. For instance, a mechanic can plug a car into a computer system to identify problematic parts. They can also use different tools to fix the problems. 

In a nutshell, an auto body shop is the best option when it comes to fixing several problems of a vehicle. That’s because the best auto repair shop has several technicians that specialize in different jobs. A mechanic, on the other hand, might come to your rescue when an auto body shop is not an option such as during the holidays. 

Five Common Causes of Auto Body Repairs

Posted on 31 March 2020 (0)

While professional auto body repair shops can revive your car from some of the worst impacts of accidents, it is equally important that you know about the causes of those problems. The knowledge of the causes of auto body damage can help you with avoiding recurring repairs, which not only saves time but, money too. The following are the five common causes of car body damage. 

Collision Accidents 

Car collisions often result from reckless driving, negligence or just a simple distraction. After your safety, the next thing to focus on should be taking the car to a professional auto body repair shop. Reputable auto shops will guide you on how to file for collision insurance claims and, deliver quality repairs to revive the condition of the car. 

General Wear and Tear 

All car parts are bound to degenerate after driving it for some time and, that will significantly affect the vehicle’s overall looks and performance. Reputable auto body shops can perform regular maintenance and servicing to keep the car in great shape over time. 

Hail Storms 

Believe it or not, hail storms that fall from the skies like softballs can seriously damage the roof and windshield of your car. Hail storm damage can cause excessive moisture in the car’s internal systems, thereby compromising the wiring and other parts that should not be exposed to water.  In case your car is damaged by hail storms, you should immediately visit a professional auto body repair shop. The mechanics will properly examine the damage and car to determine the most suitable repair solution. 

Dents and Scratches 

Dents and scratches usually occur in parking lots and on roads, damaging the car’s paintwork. Nevertheless, the imperfections also require the touch of an auto body repair specialist. 


Sometimes, criminals can also damage your car during the process of stealing parts or just as an act of violence. Regardless of the reasons behind the vandalism, it is always advisable to seek professional auto body repairs. Apart from fixing the damage, auto body repair professionals can also install reliable security systems to protect your car from such acts. 

No matter the causes of damage to your car, the best way to reviving its condition and preserving its value is through a reputable auto body repair shop. 

Ways You Might be Destroying Your Vehicle

Posted on 30 November 2019 (0)

You want your vehicle to last long and serve you better. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to take care of their vehicles. They only clean their vehicles and think of other ways of taking care of them when they break down. Cleaning a car is important because it keeps it looking great longer. It prevents paint job damage by elements of weather. Thus, you drive your vehicle longer without going to an auto body repair shop for a paint job. But, there are ways you could be destroying your vehicle. Here are some of them. 

Not Allowing Your Vehicle Time to Warm Up 

Most small vehicle owners are guilty of this mistake. After starting your car, you should allow it to warm up before you jam it into gear and then take off. Not allowing your vehicle time to warm up is hard on its engine regardless of the environment. It’s particularly bad for vehicles in cold climates. That’s because the engine is not lubricated properly during a cold season. What’s more, some parts of the engine should operate within a certain range of temperatures. Therefore, you stress some parts of your vehicle when you start it and drive off. 

Using the Wrong Oil for the Engine 

There are different types of engine oil. Their variation is largely attributed to oil thickness, also called, viscosity. It’s, therefore, important to adhere to the specifications of the manufacturer of your vehicle when changing the engine oil. You can find this information on the owner’s manual or the website of your vehicle’s manufacturer. 

Using Water in the Radiator Instead of Coolant 

Water may be cheaper and readily available than coolant. As such, you can be tempted to add plain water into the radiator of your vehicle instead of coolant. But, the manufacturer of your vehicle recommends that you add coolant. That’s because untreated water approaches the boiling point faster and this can lead to overheating and blowing of the radiator. What’s more, water can freeze during winter. This can lead to an expansion that can lead to major issues like engine block cracking. Therefore, if you can’t afford coolant only, mix the little you can get with water. 

If you avoid these mistakes, you might drive your vehicle for a long time without visiting an auto repair shop. However, talk to your mechanic about the best ways to keep your vehicle on top condition. 

What You Should Know About Car Frame Straightening

Posted on 23 July 2019 (0)

Collisions are generally scary. A collision can leave your car with more damage than dents on the surface. Common damage caused by collision is frame misalignment. When damaged, the frame can cause long-term structural and performance issues with the car. For instance, a car frame that is bent out of its shape can affect the drivability and sturdiness of a car.

Fortunately, it’s possible to have the frame straightened by experts. There are professional auto body repair shops that fix such damage on auto bodies. It’s important to note that not everybody can straighten a misaligned car frame because it requires the use of hydraulic tools. Some independent workshops and garages do not have the necessary equipment to straighten a misaligned car frame. Therefore, choose a reputable auto body shop with the right tools and experts to get quality results.

How It Is Done

The frame of your car can be affected negatively when your car is involved in an accident while driving at any speed. Sometimes, the damage is not easy to suspect or notice. However, professional auto body repair experts can look at your car and tell whether the frame is misaligned. They also use modern, computerized equipment to assess the damage on the car frame. In some cases, the frame looks in proper shape after collision. However, the structure can still have weakened. Some frames have crumple zones. These are weak points that give way in the event of a collision and protect occupants.

Experienced auto body repair experts can restore the damaged car frame after an accident through a process called frame cutting. This is a process of cutting out the metal frame, welding it, and finishing with replacement of the damaged pieces. This is a great method of enhancing durability and safety of the frame.

The Bottom Line

There are several ways of repairing a damaged car frame. However, you should not attempt to repair a damaged frame yourself or drive a car with a damaged frame after a collision. A car frame serves more than an aesthetic purpose. It’s crucial for the functionality and purpose of your car. Therefore, make sure that your damaged car frame is straightened by qualified technicians at a reputable auto body repair shop.